The COMPLETE Patient Attraction AND Conversion

Plan for Plastic Surgeons

Transform your practice from sporadic results, poor conversion rates and unskilled staff to a well-oiled machine with a constant stream of patients and revenues…..

           …..on auto-pilot with no need to hire more staff or invest any more in advertising.

Dominate your market when you plug up these practice gaps holding you back from monthly revenues:

  • Attracting your “preferred” patients who gladly pay for your skill and expertise;
  • Converting more callers and consultations;
  • Following-up on incoming leads you paid a fortune to get in the first place; and
  • Having professionally-trained staff representing you as the BEST CHOICE.

Watch this training below that lays out the problem AND the solution that brings in profits you're currently leaving on the table:

Watch this Free training,

"The COMPLETE Cosmetic Patient & Conversion Plan for Plastic Surgeons"

It lays out the problem AND the solution that brings in profits you're currently leaving on the table. Enjoy!

RELAX.....Your patient attraction, conversion, follow-up and staff training is handled automatically so you don't have to hassle with it:

✔ Done-for-You Marketing Calendar and plan;

✔ Monthly-Themed Emails to Your Entire Email List;

✔ Birthday-Themed Emails;

✔ Social Media Banners;

✔ Word-of-Mouth Referral Display + Unlimited Take-a-Way Cards;

✔ VIP Cards for Your Preferred Patients;

✔ Your Converting Coach makes your follow up calls for you;

✔ Lead tracking;

✔ Quarterly mystery shopping;

✔ Weekly and monthly Progress Reports with ROI stats;

✔ More booked consultations from your incoming leads;

✔ More surgeries from your consultations;

✔ A true understanding of your ROI on lead generation;

✔ Consult Calls with me personally to analyze your results.

You also get these bonuses to fine-tune your staff's skills so they are now revenues-generators rather than overhead expense:

Bonus #1: I’ll Train Your Staff to be A-Players

You and your staff have unlimited access to www.MorePatientsAcademy.com Online Learning Center (Value $1,997) to hone your patient attraction, practice-building and converting skills.

Bonus #2: New Flip Scripts for Receptionists and Coordinators

 It’s not enough to have nice, good-looking staff. That’s a start but if they don’t have the skills to convert callers and consultations to paid procedures, it does you no good.

The flip scripts give your staff the words to say to make them sound like seasoned professionals. (Value of $1,497).

Bonus #3: Reduced Customization and Implementation Fee

[Save $1,000)

A ton of labor, as well as hard dollar costs, goes into customizing your own patient attraction – conversion – follow up plan.

However, I am extending a special offer to you since you watched my presentation…. a reduced Customization and Implementation Fee by $1,000 to ONLY $997 to get started.

And, yes, there is a guarantee to at least double your results

 in 60 days or your money back.

The sooner we get started, the sooner you'll see results.

I look forward to working with you to get you more patients and more profits –